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New England Jeepz is a proud member of Northeast Association of 4WD Clubs.


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New England Jeepz Official By-Laws:
Article 1 ~ Name
1. This organization is a nonprofit organization established on August 23, 2003 will be known as "New England Jeepz" and herein will be referred to as the "Club"
2. The official logo of the Club and its crest shall be referred to herein as the "Logo"
Article 2 ~ Purpose
1 This organizations purpose is to encourage the use of stock and modified Jeep® vehicles for responsible off-highway driving, social events, community activities, and club sanctioned affairs. It is our intent to promote family interest in four wheeling activities as well as educate the community about responsible off-highway driving and to discover the rewards of responsible recreation.
Article 3 ~ Membership and Dues
1. Membership with New England Jeepz shall be open only to licensed jeep owners who are at least 17 years old as of date of application.
2. In order to become a member, the applicant's application must receive the approval of the membership committee, and participate in at least but not limited to one Club sanctioned event. Until application approval, the applicant cannot participate in any Club elections, or hold any committee positions.
3. Membership applications approved September 30 and earlier are Subject to pay Dues
4. Dues for the New Year must be postmarked no later than January 31
5. Membership applications approved October 1 and later are not subject to club Dues till the following fiscal year (Jan 1 to Dec 31)
6. To remain in good standing order as a Club member, members must pay his/her dues thirty (30) days after the date due. New Applicants have thirty (30) days form the date of approval. If Dues are not paid with in the thirty-day limit, that membership will be terminated. If he/her would like to renew the membership after termination, he/she must repeat the application process.
7. Should a member withdraw from the Club, dues are not refundable. Should he/she want to rejoin the Club, and left in good standing order, a new application must be submitted to the membership coordinator, but the application process in not required. Any dues that need to be updated must be paid with in thirty days of re-newel
8. Paid to date members are entitled to; Windshield Decal for their Vehicle as well as other benefits associated with the Club
Article 4 ~ Requirements
1.To participate in club sanctioned events, vehicle must be a Jeep® vehicle with 4 wheel drive Low capabilities. All wheel drive and 2 wheel drive vehicles are not permitted for off highway driving events.
2. Required for any and all Club events, the driver must possess a valid drivers license, current vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance.
3. Tow hooks, factory or secured with either grade 5 or grade 8 hardware, must be attached to the front and rear of the vehicle. A properly mounted receiver hitch to the frame of the vehicle is allowed; Hitch balls are NOT acceptable points for recovery.
4. The minimum tire size allowed for off highway driving events on any vehicle is 27" in diameter; the maximum tire size is 42”. A full size spare if also required for off highway driving events. P215/75R15, are equal to 27.5 inch tires, the smallest Standard tire jeep manufactured, are acceptable.
5. All vehicles must possess a working CB radio, hard mounted or handheld. Whip antennas are greatly discouraged, but if vehicle is equipped with such, they must be tied down.
6. For off highway driving event, the vehicle must pass an inspection, and receive a vehicle/equipment guidelines, Inspection includes, but is not limited to; working lights, horn, and seat belts for all occupants and fire extinguisher.
7. Any vehicle that does not have a steel roof must have roll over protection. Factory roll bars are adequate for the trails the Club uses.
8. All vehicles must have at least one tow strap in good working condition with NO metal hooks.
9. If a vehicle is equipped with a winch, hard mounted or hand held (come-a-long) the following are required: a. Tree saver b. Leather gloves c. Snatch Block d. Choker chain
Article 5 ~ Conduct and Club Etiquette
1. New England Jeepz honors the rules and ideology of the Tread Lightly Program. It is expected that all members and guests operate their Jeep® vehicles in a safe and courteous manner. Travel and recreate with minimal impact on the environment, which allows for future use of the outdoors.
2. New England Jeepz operates by the slogan, "Leave it better than you found it."
3. A member or guest may be warned, suspended, or expelled with out refund of membership dues if event and message board behavior is not satisfactory, unsatisfactory behavior would be, but not limited to: a. Operating a vehicle without a valid license b. Abuse of other property d. Littering d. Use of alcohol while operating a vehicle e. Use of illegal substances f. Conducting themselves in a manner that is disrespectful and negative.

Article 6 ~ Club Offices
1. The officers of this club should be President, Vice-president, Secretary, treasurer, events coordinator, and membership Liaison.
a. President - Shall be the executive officer and preside over meetings when in attendance. He/she will have the responsibility for asking for 2/3 votes for new policies and shall appoint members to specific committees. The Presidents signature will be required to cosign with the treasurer on checks. The President will also over seen the disciplinary board should the need arise.
b. Vice-president - Shall assist the president in all actions, and act on his/her behalf when not present. Vice-president may cosign checks with the treasurer.
c. Treasurer - Shall receive all money and dues. The treasurer is responsible for keeping the books, which is, but not limited too all receipts, bank deposits, balances, statements, and dispersing of funds. A cosign must be present on all checks from either the president or vice president.
d. Secretary - Shall record the minutes of club/officer meetings. Maintain club records such as liability waivers, member lists as well as the By-laws All correspondence will be directed to the secretary regarding questions, and membership. He/she has the ability to cosign checks.
e. Events Coordinator - Will assume the responsibility of setting up club-sanctioned events. Duties will be to inform members and applicants in good standing order via club internet message board and email communications of all the information required for one to successfully participate. He/She will also be responsible for naming and informing the “Trail Leader” for an event should either the president or events coordinator is unable to participate.
f. Membership Liaison – Shall be responsible for the receiving of applications, answering questions regarding membership, and recording applicants information into a spread sheet format that can be viewable to any member in good standing order. Preliminary contact between the club and applicant member, if not yet initiated by the applicant, is the responsibility of the Membership Liaison.
2. Club offices are to be held for a term of one year until the first meeting of the fiscal year until reinstated or successor takes over position. Resignation by the current position holder may be offered with a notice of 1 month.
3. Club members can call for the resignation of an officer’s position with 2/3 of membership in signed petition.
4. Executive Officers shall be elected annually by the club members in good standing order at the first meeting of the fiscal year. Nominations for each executive Office shall be declared open and solicitations requested by the President on the last meeting of the fiscal year.
5. Nominations will remain open until declared closed by the President or acting President prior to voting activity.
6. In order for someone to be nominated to an elected position, he/she must be a good standing member for no less than ONE year consecutively.
7. Nominations may only be made by club members in good standing order. Should only one person be nominated for an open position, a show of hand at a meeting with 2/3’s attending approval will be required.
8. In the event that two or more members desire an available officer position, voting for the position will be called to order. Elections shall be by a secret ballot for each office, ballots will be collected by the Vice President. Both the President and Treasurer will count votes
9. Should office go vacant, no members volunteer to assume the duties of the open office positions, candidates will be nominated by current club officers. Candidates will have the option of either accepting or denying nomination . Member must be in good standing order to assume duties of open position.
10. Committees of various positions will be assigned per need by Club officers or through volunteering. Any good standing member can be appointed to a committee, and may hold position with more than one committee at a time, but no more then three. Examples would be: a. Committee for events b. Committee for trails c. Committee for charity d. Committee for legislation.
Article 7 ~ Voting
1. All members in good standing order, with the exception of the President, are allowed to participate in voting. Club members can only cast only one vote per topic. Nonmember votes will not be counted. In the case of a tie, it is the duty of the President to cast the deciding vote, unless it is his/hers own election to office. When voting for the office of the President, the Vice President will refrain from regular voting, should there be a tie, the Vice President will cast the deciding vote.
2. Voting for Club office will be a conducted via secret ballot. Should the office go uncontested, a vote via show of hands is acceptable.
3. Voting for all other Club topics will be public via show of hands unless Club officer desire secret ballot.
4. Write in nominations for Club office will NOT be accepted during Voting. Any ballot that has a write in will be considered a blank ballot and will a voided vote.
5. Absentee Ballots will NOT be accepted, members must be present in order to cast a vote. People who are absent from voting cannot have a proxy (have some one represent you.) One exception: absentee ballots will only be accepted via e-mail to the secretary and are only applicable for office elections. Notification of an absentee ballot must be made no later than 24 hours prior to regular and must be approved by all officers to be considered.
Article 8 ~ Club Meetings
1. Regular meetings are held to conduct the business of the Club Quarterly. The meeting will follow the agenda set forth by the Club Officers. There will be attendance taken for all meeting to keep record of presence.
2. Meetings shall open with the reading of the minutes from the prior meeting(s). Business will be attended to as follows:
a. Reports from officers on current issues and unfinished business
b. Reports and updates from committees
c. The presentation of new business
d. Finally open forum for all present members
3. Special meeting can be called at any time for the presence of officers only The notification of a special Club meeting will be given with no fewer than 7 days in advance, which will include date, time, and place. During officers meetings only officers are allowed except:
a. Committee members are invited by officers.
b. Member's presence required solving a problem.
c. Member has requested to appear before the officers.
4. Regardless of type of meeting, the President will preside over the meeting.
5. Members present at club meetings shall conduct themselves in a manner in which is not disruptive to the meeting and other participants.  Attending Officers shall issue a warning to members that are disruptive. If offender continues to remain disruptive, they will be asked to leave the meeting, forfeiting their privilege to participate in discussion and their right to vote on topics at hand.

Article 9 ~ Finance and Annual Review
1. The Clubs Fiscal Year will be from January 1 through December 31. Fiscal Quarters will be the end of: a. March b. June c. September d. December
2. The treasurer will be in charge of all money as described in the treasurers duties (Article 5, section 1, part c) as well as maintain all Club Accounts. A record of all accounts for the Club must be available for review at any meeting by the Club officers.
3. All Club accounts will be made public and available to all members in good standing order and reviewed at the end of each fiscal quarter.
4. The treasurer will be responsible for collecting Dues from members and keeping record of them.
5. The treasurer will maintain the inventory of Club equipment including cost and maintenance
6. The treasurer is in charge of handling the sale and distribution of "Marketable Items"* which will include, but not limited to sale of decals, used equipment, cloths, donated used parts, etc. *Items that provide income to the Club.






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