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By becoming a Business member of New England Jeepz, it will allow you to reach a whole new group of prospective customers and clients, as well as support the growing demand for organized off highway recreation. “Off Roading” has become a multi-million dollar industry and here is an opportunity to tap into that. As a Business member, you will be advertising on a web site that saw 93,368 Hits in 2007, and our popularity is growing. Should you become a Business member, you will be entitled to

-   Posting of a large size logo, link, and description of your business and services on our Vendor / Business sponsors main page* 
-   Your business logo inside our color “Ad Rotator” that is placed at the top of all our forum pages 
-   An account and profile on our message board and exclusive rights to post solicitations in our vendors forum and approved vendor status (we recommend your Forum ID also be your business’s name) 
-   Invitation to select New England Jeepz Events 
-   Addition of you logo onto our 6x3 banner that we use at numerous private and public events

This Package costs $120 per year, the possibilities for an expanded client base and increased profit is endless.

If you are interested please email and we look forward to having you on board!**

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*If you do not currently have a banner advertisement, New England Jeepz has reserved a Graphic Designer to assist you in designing a banner ad; any cost for designing is at the discretion of the graphic designer.

**Business membership is good for 1 (one) year from date Payment is received. Renewal of membership contract must be made prior to expiration or membership is Void, 20 business day extension can be granted if requested. New England Jeepz reserves the right to deny, remove, or modify any advertisement, posting, or solicitation that is deemed inappropriate or unlawful with out explanation. All Pending Business Memberships will need the approval of 2/3 sitting officers in order to become an Approved Vendor; this is to keep unwanted and unlawful traffic from the site. Business members are not considered “club members” and are not granted membership rights through business member contract. Business members do not need to be automotive related. By Submitting this contract you agree to the stipulations set forth in the New England Jeepz Bylaws regarding conduct and etiquette.


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